E.T. York Work of Heart Awards

In 1968, Dr. E.T. York was asked by then President Richard Nixon to serve on the newly formed Board of Directors of the National Center for Volunteer Action. While on the board, he learned of national efforts to develop local volunteer centers. Dr. York suggested to his local Gainesville Rotary Club that they spearhead the formation of such a center in Alachua County.

The Volunteer Center of Alachua County opened shortly thereafter as the Volunteer Action Center, serving the Gainesville community. Dr. York became the first Board President. Until its closing, in 2007,  the Volunteer Action Center helped train and teach volunteers to serve the needs of Alachua County through projects and services. There was increased recognition of the services the volunteers gave, culminating in the Work of Heart Awards.

Since 1971 the Work of Heart Awards has honored the volunteers in our community and the impact they make. We have renamed the recognition as “E.T. York Work of Heart Awards” in memory of Dr. York who died April 15, 2011.

July 8, 2015 is the 44th year the Work of Heart Awards has been given..


Please check back later for information regarding 2015 nominees.